Monday, September 5, 2011

Solomon's first time camping

First we choose a site and get that heavy hammer.

"Grandma does this really turn into a big room if I keeping pounding on this yellow thing." 

Okay yellow things in the ground but where do I sleep?

                                                                             Wow, it is a room!

Okay mom and dad can visit but just grandma and I sleep here.

Camping is fun.  We had snacks, juice, played games with cards, jungle with small toy animals and read dinosaur books.  I liked flashlight tag best in the dark tent.

I have a camouflaged sleeping bag from grandma, my special pillow and a blanket because it was cold it night.  We let mom in for a good night hug and then grandma and I went to sleep listening to the crickets talk to each other.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family Reunion in Forest Lake, Minnesota

So great to have family get together.    It's like we were never apart for long, just pick up where we left off.  Carol hosted with Minnesotans providing great food.  If you couldn't make it we were kind in discussing!

The gang that made it!
On Carol's Forest Lake Dock

Friday evening some went to the Minnesota Twins game and the elders (you know who you are !) went out for a fun dinner.   Saturday Carol and I had a quiet breakfast in which she provided fabulous scones with spreads of Devon shire cream and lemon die for!!  The family enjoyed rest of day at Forest Lake.  Carol's is right on the water so fishing, paddle boating, dock sitting, lawn games and catching up was the order of the day..  Sunday brunch or visiting the state fair with everything imaginable to eat on a stick.  Sounds like the lumberjack exhibit was a must see.  Sunday evening relaxing and great conversations.

Monday all t he out of towners from Australian, Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois met for breakfast at the hotel and departed for different destinations.     Marilynn and Steve, the Aussie and my daughter, drove back home with me along the Mississippi (Red Wing, Stillwater) and then 90/94.
Mum with her Aussies

Marilynn and Steve stayed with younger daughter and her family for a few days.     Tuesday night dinner with all at Case Bonita for Hispanic food and margaritas.   Then strolled a block down to The Tavern (great decor) for chocolate/rasberry martinis and dessert.  Wednesday a.m. took Mar and Steve to my Lifetime for a workout, back to other daughters and SOB!!! they leave for Chicago, Orlando, Dominican Republic, New York then back to Sidney. AU

Thank you Sue for the pictures!

Just the three of us
Happy birthday brother
Carol's back yard