Monday, September 5, 2011

Solomon's first time camping

First we choose a site and get that heavy hammer.

"Grandma does this really turn into a big room if I keeping pounding on this yellow thing." 

Okay yellow things in the ground but where do I sleep?

                                                                             Wow, it is a room!

Okay mom and dad can visit but just grandma and I sleep here.

Camping is fun.  We had snacks, juice, played games with cards, jungle with small toy animals and read dinosaur books.  I liked flashlight tag best in the dark tent.

I have a camouflaged sleeping bag from grandma, my special pillow and a blanket because it was cold it night.  We let mom in for a good night hug and then grandma and I went to sleep listening to the crickets talk to each other.

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  1. Great adventure! Camping in the back yard was so much fun as a kid! I prefer Hyatt Hotels now.