Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 18, 19 2011 KOA Central City, CO, Black Hawk, CO and Casinos

Original Opera house in Central City
Camping at KOA on a hill over Central City, CO  T3 is a great spot.  Put my thick foam and sleeping bag in my tent.   This KOA is super clean with a large room with long tables with 36 chairs and a backup for about 30 more chairs.  Double sink microwave chafing dish couch and easy chair by TV in this room.   Bathroom spotless, nice showers open 24 hours as well as updated laundry room open 24 hrs.  Really like Central City.   Most of the town buildings are original from 1860 when Gold was found and it is still mined here.   Visitors Ctr good stop with several walking touring brochures and info.   Central City has casinos which are low keyed.  Black Hawk is all Casinos with great deals on club cards.
Buses run from KOA to casinos via call up or go down to Central City and catch a bus to Black Hawk..  Once in Black HAWK buses run thru town that run every 10 minutes stopping at all casinos.     Here is an idea of offerings when you sign up for a club card at no charge.
Central City: Century Casino club card gives you one free spin (won $5) and were nice enough to let me use their phone to arrange my windshield replacement.  Johnny Z’s gives you a free Starbucks.
Mysterious painting on bar room floor
Black Hawk city right next store: Lodge Casino just gives you a club card.  Ameristar gives club card to win points for $15.99 buffet.  Black Hawk Station $5 for spin at the Lucky 7 machine.  No club card here and KOA has free coupon for meal at grill (pretty basic).  Golden Mardi Gras earn 50 points for free food which was excellent Fillet & Shrimp.  I put $10 in machines to win $12.50 for those 50 points.   Also cleared another $60.  House coins winnings actually drop down into tray.  I liked this. Nice noise.  Fitzgerald’s gives you a booklet for club card which includes free meal at Shannon’s Pub.  Menu includes prime rib for $19 but I chose Shrimp Alfredo which was wonderful. Another coupon for free hot dog, free $ for tables, etc. $20 off their upscale restaurant and 1000 points for my July birthday. (Worth $5.)  Here I had dinner with a lady my age named Lee.  We had fun and she invited me to breakfast next a.m. but I was headed out.
ereere isDrove into Denver via I70 to have crack in windshield repaired.   What a mess up by Geico and Safelite main routing number person.
On way back took I 58.    This is my new favorite road you pass thru deep canyons on the bottom next to raging river.  Sign said “In flash floods climb to safety.”   
The next day drove to Central City and took free bus to Black Hawk.   Into Denver for another window fix.   Ended up at Starbucks for two hours.  Late so drove back to Black Hawk for a quick stop.
There WAS a metal bar over the top.
Huge storm this evening with everyone saying how scary.   However there wasn’t even a flutter of wind on my tent because it is so protected.   Bear tore up trash bin last night close to me.  Never heard him but saw the damage. 

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