Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 21 My Birthday celebrating in Kearney, Nebraska

July 21, Kearney, NE….Happy Birthday to me.  I don’t feel any older just very blessed and lucky.  So headed out early to the south middle town of Kearney, NE.  to see the Archway Monument.  This is another worthwhile stop.

He wanted to capture my heart...NO
Traveling Lincoln Highway
The entry fee is $10 for adults but the layout and exhibit was worth it.  Everyone receives headsets which interact with the exhibits.  The tour starts from the early pioneer days heading West thru the 1050's using the Lincoln Highway across America.  A bridge across the river leads to an Indian build log hut.   There are also some trails but it was too hot.
Authentic Indian grass hut

In Kearney drove to a cook book store where they publish books from all over the states.  On to the Southeast Community College in Milford, NE.  Their cafeteria had a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner for $4.99.  I have found even in foreign countries, the college  towns serve reasonable and good meals to all.  Some also have open WiFi but this one was by code only.

After dinner watched the girl's softball team practice in the school field in very high heat.  I barely slept this night due to the heat.  You just breathe and drip.     I miss the coolness of the mountains.

Up quite early and ready to head home.  

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