Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011 Wall, SD to Custer State Park

Up early for a filling buffet breakfast at the Wall Drug Store.  This restaurant is filled with western art on all surfaces.   Since coffee is always only 5 cents, I also filled my thermos.  

Entered the verdant land of Custer State Park, S.D.  Wow, such beautiful greenery after those flat, long, dull plains.  Today it was raining but mostly driving so didn’t matter.   Found a camp site within the state park at Stockade Lake.   In lite rain I put up the tent which I made into a woman’s cave w/ cooler, chair, food, clothes and dry storage tubs.  So now the Honda Element is set for driving and a large sleep bed.I should name my Element but nothing has come to mind???
Around three I drove the southern wildlife road in the state park.   As soon as I rounded a corner there was a HUGE  buffalo (bison is the correct term) scratching himself on a dirt ledge right next to me.  Further along viewed two large herds of bison and two pronghorn deer.   

 Another turn showed a herd (?)of about 30 wild burrows   Two came over to the cars looking for apples.   It surprised me that the tourists were petting them and standing right behind their rears.   I was sure someone was going to get kicked.  The burrows did look well fed.
In the evening at the camp ground were a group of young adults who were volunteering at Mt. Rushmore.   They had a gigantic fire going when pouring rain started.   Since most only had hammocks, back to Mt. Rushmore they went.   Thanks guys for the nice mound of left over fire wood.


  1. You could name your car Ellie, or if it's masculine, Jor-El.

  2. How about Grandma-mobile? lol