Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monday, June 20, Hot Springs, SD


A quiet, gentle rain creates a wonderful night’s sleep.   Went into my woman’s cave tent for breakfast of coffee, V-8, cereal with rice milk (comes in small containers and doesn’t have to be cooled until opened), macaroni salad and apple. 

Today I decided to head south toward Hot Springs to view the mammoth site.  This is an ancient sinkhole that captured woolly mammoths, camels, wolves, bears, etc.  who were looking for water and then could not escape the sloped sides.  Now housed in a large building where researchers continue to dig, brush and pick thru the layers.   So far only 20 feet down but a core sample show at least 60 feet deeper of bones…then the bit broke.  Only male mammoths were found here…..oh what jokes you can imagine.    This building also houses excellent exhibits of full-size mammoth replicas, recreated walk-in bone shelter used by the ancients, and hands on learning.  Downstairs you can view current scientific work being conducted.  Looking for a huge fossil jaw to decorate your living room or perhaps a skull, buy it here.

The Gordon  log Stockade outside of Custer was built on the bank of French Creek where gold had been found around 1875. 


  1. Sure sounds like you're having a great time

  2. Merikay, Julie and Kelly Fisher are so excited that you're headed their way - said to call them and you have a place to stay on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles, WA. Call us for the # or I'll try to reach you by email. Thanks for the great message and a very Very Happy Independence Day back at you. Love, Susan and Jerry