Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, Mt. Rushmore, Chef Crazy Horse, Custer, SD

Rise and shine for an early start taking route 16A north to Mount Rushmore.  I rounded a sharp bend to sight a bison herd of perhaps a hundred with their calves.  What a fun drive:  up the mtn., down the mtn., switchbacks into forest and then prairie.  As you approach closer to Mt. Rushmore steering around   curves you pass thru one-lane tunnels with signs honk before entering.  Then hustle back into the forests and in a little while more granite peaks pop-up. 
Another curve and there was a distant view of THE mountain.   The closer I approached the more impressive it became.  Mt. Rushmore has an outstanding flag entrance with an immediately view of the four guys.  This national monument definitely rated a WOW! 
Taking a different route back south on 385  is a view of the mountain carving of Chef Crazy Horse.  The face is very clear but the rest is still very much a work in progress.    I caught myself looking at other peaks and envisioning whose face could go on those.    Really on one hand these carvings desecrate the natural beauty of the land but the craftsmanship and nearly impossible feats to create them must be appreciated.
A walk around the town of Custer and a stop for a wine tasting at an Oregon outlet for Naked Winery.  Loved their opening line as you walk in “Would you like to get naked.”
For dinner cooked steak and baked potato w/ butter and sour cream over a camp fire, nice hot tea and finished with my wine.

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  1. What a great day! The pic of Mt. Rushmore is wonderfully unique!