Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, Custer State Park, SD

A lazy day beginning with breakfast of yogurt, cereal & milk, coffee, baking soda biscuit w/ butter and jam. Walked around the grounds, talked with fellow campers, etc.  Time for lunch of ham salad on crackers, marinated artichoke hearts, rice milk, sports drink, dried fruit and gourp for dessert.  I am on a large deeply wooded site with closest neighbors ½ blocks away.  At least every hour a state ranger patrols the camp grounds.  Rest rooms are VERY clean.   The only sounds are birds and wind thru the pine trees.  This is perfect weather for me:  cool sleeping in the middle 50’s and partly cloudy days in the very low 70’s.  A few drizzles but nothing to interfere with plans.  Afternoon time was spent reading my books on the area.  (Did you know the library will lend books for vacation check out..from six to nine weeks.)
Indian hut made of bison bones and hides
Drove four miles to Legion Lake park lodge to use the Wi-Fi.  It was too bright to use their outside deck system so went in the restaurant to have a Starbucks.  After a rough start of forgetting how I continue the blog, I was able to catch up on a few days.  Did a little walking around and watched an evening outdoor park movie on mountain goats as the bats flew around the open area behind the screen.  At least I learned why the mountain goat I saw was licking the roadside rocks….for the left over winter salt.  Note:  Not to worry about the tick on my clothes.  They do not have Lyme disease here.
Prarie Dog Town
Taking along my laptop has really worked out in so many ways.  In the evenings I can use it for evening light and soft music.   Normally I write journals on my trips and include them in travel albums. 

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