Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thursday, Custer St. Pk, Sylvan Lake, Hill City, SD

I went into Custer to have my radio fixed.   My battery went dead and when this happens the radio locks up to prevent theft.  I called Rapid City Honda Rushmore who were very helpful in getting me the code I needed.   Just before I left home I activated Sirius XM ( a three month trial).  When driving those long stretches of plains or majestic granite peaks, I can play the corresponding music to enhance the experience.   Was given the news it is snowing in Yellowstone now.
This extra trip to Custer also let me view their Buffalo designed statues.   Like “Cows on parade “ in Chicago you vote for the best one and then they are auctioned.    

Rock shop also had bones
A must stop in Custer is the rock shop on the edge of town.   This man has an astounding rock collection of all sizes, type and ages.  A pile of geo’s for your choosing to be cut for a surprise inside.    Bones, bison jaws, ancient animal teeth, polish items are all available.   He and his wife are very pleasant and helpful.

Okay, on the road again along 89N with the usual amazing (funny use of these two words together) road twists and scenery.   Even though you drive up, you can coast with caution down.    So the gas usage hasn’t been too bad.    The gas stations has PLUS as the cheapest .   One tourist told me that is the better gas and they were puzzled why it was cheaper.   But actually PLUS uses its mixture with corn oil.

Rounded  another corner spied a mountain goat way at the  top.  

That water is cold in Sylvan Lake
Sylvan Lake is a must stop.    I first checked out the Sylvan Lake Lodge which allows a view down into the valley and across to granite formations.   The large lake is a short drive  further down in the valley.   People were Kayaking, swimming, hiking, and  fishing.   Even though it was Friday, it was quite crowded and finding a parking spot was not fun.  
When entering this area of Custer State Park and Sylvan Lake a ticket (license) is required.   I am glad I purchased the seven day one for $18.00.  Worth  every bit of it.  

Hill City, SD is another stop to stretch your legs.    It is very touristy but I liked it.  It has a little bit of everything i.e. rock shops, museum, 1880 steam train ride to Keystone and back (was told not that special), chain saw carvers, Mexican restaurant, ice cream and t-shirt shops everywhere.

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