Friday, July 8, 2011

Grand Tetons, Wyoming for three days

Mt. Moran in the Wyoming Tetons
The Tetons are a short jump directly south of Yellowstone thru the J.D. Rockefeller, Jr. Parkway.    You see a peak in the distance and then a closer views elicits a WOW.  When you are really at their foot and gaze upon this natural work of art you take lots of photos but they can’t give the true feel of the snow-covered jagged mountains that looked like they just popped up into the heavens.

Chapel of the Sacred Heart
Entering by Jackson Lake I came across the log Chapel of the Sacred Heart which has two masses.    This is a short stop for a stunning view of lake and mountains.

  In the last three days I have worked on the computer viewing these mountains, enjoyed several meals with them viewing out the window as if contemplating a painting, having rafted down the Snake River is like experiencing a nature movie, ate breakfast on Signal Mt. (A 5 mile stretch of switchbacks to top)  to see the Jackson Hole Valley below anchoring the Tetons and a boat ramp morning view…………just WOW!!!

There has been a bear with cubs in the area around the Jackson damn.  And here, supposedly in the wilderness, are groups of cars parked to catch a glimpse.   This gathering included a famous wildlife photographer (forgot his name) perched on top of his car with mega lens that cost more than the car.

The wild resident deer seems to hang out by campsite 14 munching away.  The weather here is much warmer during the night mostly in the middle 40’s and high 70’s in the daytime.   However with that elevation of 6,000+ feet the sun is hard to take.

Ten miles north of Jackson Lake is a pizza place if you need it.  Signal Lodge has a good dining room, bar, gift shop, laundry, Wi-Fi, nice log cabins for $160 and up, camping (beware the mosquitos) gas boat/kayas rentals and guided trips for fishing, boating, etc.  Don’t forget to pick up your free Jackson Hole Daily at the gas/grocery store.

I spent my days here exploring dirt roads recommended by locals.  Did not see much wildlife but okay because there was sooo much in Yellowstone.  There is a carpet of yellow arrowleaf balsam root flowers on all the hill sides. Caught up on laundry (used lodge’s guest only in the basement.  On-line reception is also better in the laundry room).  I am spending time absorbing mental images of all these glorious areas.   From past travels I have learned these mental photos stay with me.   Someone will mention a place and that image pops right back in even through it has been decades.

Jackson Hole Valley

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