Sunday, July 10, 2011

Teton Village, Wyoming, July 9, 2011

 Final view with a stop at the boat ramp location.  This is a good view of the Teton Range.  If you are near Signal try driving thru the campground to the boat ramp.

Up early and went to the Signal Lodge to wash up with warm water (campgrounds have all very cold water.), got a nice cup or organic coffee from the guest pot and some free ice.  Drove a little south to Jenny Lake Lodge for breakfast but all they had were guest rolls or a wonderful spread in the dining room for $23.   This is a one-way road at this point for 3 more miles but a great drive along the river at the foot the Teton Range.  When I reached Moose turned right following sign to Teton Village after a little ways this became a very narrow gravel road.   I wondered what kind of town I was going to visit.  Turns out there is a better road directly there.  However locals tell me it is crowded and they take the back road which is closed in winter.   Rockefeller family has land here and the road is connected to that.
Hit the local café for a breakfast bite.  Similar to egg McMuffins but these parts charge $5.50 for something already made up.  Note: Best Reuben's at Mangy Moose Saloon for $7.95 along with other great sandwiches.  Next stop ticket for tram ride to top of Teton at 10,450 feet. Mt. Washburn, (Yellowstone) which I drove over was that high.) I have always been afraid of heights but for some reason it didn’t bother me this time.   What a sight up the forest and unto the snow field.    Very cold and windy but the view “I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation.”    Right there is the waffle house.   The smell hooked me in for a wonderful waffle filled with brown sugar butter and whipped cream for $4.50.    NO MOSQUITOES here…what a relief.
Teton Village View
This small village in the middle of nowhere is a mini upscale tourist haven.  Even now they are having an art, antique show which is very elite.  Met a dealer from Chicago here.  All booths are high priced with exceptional wares. 
So down to earth, I found a hostel in Teton Village.  This will be my first bed since I have left home for $74.  The tax here is over 14%.   No full kitchen but a shower in the 4 bed dorm room, laundry room, and large shaded grass area with tables, horseshoes, etc.   Be warned the bed are very hard.  My Element is more comfortable.   No groceries but I found a supply store in the Moose Mall with mac and cheese, canned chili w/ beans, V-8, OJ, eggs and many shelves of wines.

Dirt bike rally here today on Saturday.   The riders w/ bikes were chair lifted up to half way and made their way down to bottom.   Looked like a lot of fun twists, turns and bumps sending them flying.  They were all ages, some pretty small kids hanging with the big boys and keeping up.

I'm outside on the hostel lawn with great WI-Fi reception enjoying a gentle breeze, a wide view of mountains, no mosquitoes and allergies.

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