Monday, July 18, 2011

Jackson Hole, Dubois, WY, Monday, July 2011

Monday morning a nice shower, breakfast (BYO) with my older friend in the hostel commons downstairs.  Watched the hot air balloons take off as I headed out. Headed thru Jackson Hole to the town of Jackson a little south.   Civilization, I had to stop for traffic lights.    This visitor’s center is definitely worth a visit: herd of stuffed deer inside with lots of displays and a viewing deck in the back. Gary at the info desk was a great help.   He planned the rest of my trip thru Wyoming and into Denver.  He and his wife have traveled the area for decades and knew all the best spots for looking and eating.
Million Dollar Bar
Jackson, WY
Elk Horns, Jackson, WY
Jackson is where you fill up on gas.    In Yellowstone, The Tetons and even later unleaded reg. cost around $3.99.  Once you hit Jackson it is only $3.49.  A must stop in Jackson is the Million Dollar Bar   which is embedded with old silver dollars.  And the part I like is ALL the bar stools are saddles.   Swing a leg up for a drink.  Want an Elk or Buffalo burger this is also the place.  Another eatery highly recommended by several people is The Bunnery nice meals however the bakery goods are outstanding.  Jackson does have an old West feel but bring your $$.  This town square has large entry way arches of elk horns.  The boy scouts collect them from an elk preserve and then sell them.  I like that all the town sidewalks are wood planks.  Ripley’s Believe it or Not has a place here.   Good stop but unless you want to shop just a leg stretcher and stop to eat.  At town’s end is a massive area for National Elk Refuge.  Since it was heat of the day didn’t see any.

On ward again from Moran Jct. south to Dubois via scenic byway.  Only trouble is they are blasting away parts of the Mt. so a line of cars piled up to wait as they periodically blasted away.  As before they have you follow a pilot car to get through.  Large portions of the trees have also been cut back.   : Looks like they are preparing a super HI way instead of a scenic one.   After the road work area spotted a grizzly foraging off the road side. 

Dubois is a nice little town.   A few blocks long but with flavor.  Inexpensive Exhibit Center on long horn sheep $2.50 with a nice, park right next to it.  The must stop here is Cowboy café for good food and a large selection of homemade pies.  Ate with a grandmother and granddaughter from Oregon and folks from Wisconsin.
Forest Service Road campsite view from car
Really tired today so after Dubois three miles turned off highway to Forest Service Road 411. Someone had suggested this area to camp.  It was a gravel road which went on and on for about five miles thru valley, hills and private land posted stay on road.  I was beginning to think I was misled but I kept on and finally reached Ring Lake.  Noticed a camper way down below so turned down another dirt road and parked about ½ block away with a clear shot of the lake.   There will be no traffic noise here, nor lights.  Most nights have been cloudy so missed stargazing.

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