Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 27, 2011, Deadwood, Spearfish, Devil’s Tower to Gilette, Wyo.

Walking to Roughlock Falls

Roughlock Falls

Still walking to falls
A young guy told me to be sure to see Roughlock Falls, only a short walk off of 14A west.  This is my newest favorite drive: trees of Wisconsin, hills of South Dakota, fun drive like Rt. 1 in California, falls and bubbling creeks along the way, even men fly fishing in waders.    It was a beautiful walk down in a canyon and next to a creek which flowed and bubbled but my knees didn’t like it.  I enjoyed the falls for a while and finally found a road which goes back to the Spearfish Lodge where I parked my car.   Hitched a ride with two couples, after taking their picture, back to the lodge.  A short drive later is Bridal Falls right on the road side.

One of the sites of interest in Spearfish is the fishery. Another short jump off the road and a good stop.  Besides great ponds of various trout there is a museum, feed the fish pellets, an underwater viewing window…………….    Right next to it is a nice park and on the other side camping.
Down to Sundance with a free museum in the city hall basement (set up rooms of life back then in the 1800’s.)  A few steps to the right is a small square with a sculpture of the Sundance kid in jail.  There was no mention of Butch Cassidy his partner in crime.

Wanted to make Devil’s Tower today via route 14a.   From a distance you can see the tower, and then lose it on turns.  The next time it pops up so much closer.  When you actually reach the base in the National Park, it is like craning your neck to see top of Chicago buildings.  It looms 1200 feet above the plains.  It just juts straight up like someone pushed a gigantic peg through the ground.   Need to watch Encounters of the Third kind  again.  The KOA here shows it every night.  Native Americans leave colorful prayer cloths tied to trees near the base.  (Very similar to the Japanese tradition.)

A quick drive down to catch 90 west to Gilette where there is a 24 hr. Wal-Mart.  If you are interested they have a coal  mining tour.  I believe it is free in the summer. Had a nice salad from there. Also bought a small coffee pot to make hot water for tea and soup.   Left my really nice one cup one in Custer Park.

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