Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunday, Deadwood, SD

This morning received some great ideas of where to stay and what to see from a young couple just coming from Yellowstone.  I was able to return the favor by giving them info on going east.

Kevin Cosner's Diamond Lill 
Lunch at Diamond Lill’s in Deadwood owned by Kevin Cosner.   The wall is crowded with pics and full outfits from ALL his movies.  Here met Jan and Dwayne going to Yellowstone from Texas, again exchanged info on what we knew.  My winnings paid for this lunch.
Then there was Nicole, my kind of gal, just traveling freely eventually to Washington.  She has picked up two hikers earlier who were playing and singing down the street hoping to earn gas money.  They are all going to Rainbow Gathering (?).  Sounded like Burning Man but in the forest and more concerned about the environment.   Nicole was knitting fingerless gloves as her exchange at Rainbow.  We exchanged e-mails and I hope to have some contact later.
Finally caught one of the street shoot outs between the Franklin Hotel and the Silverado.  They close down the street for 15 minutes to do a narration and then action.  One gambler got shot in the back and the sheriff in the shoulder.  Lots of smoke and noise.  Went into the Franklin Hotel to view those wonderful tin ceiling, wooden stair cases and original rooms.  Deadwood was completely destroyed by fire in 1879 so most of the building right after were built of brick and are still around.   Gambling was approved in 1989 to save the declining town.   It is a miniature Las Vegas but seems to have a nicer clientele.
Last stop the Hickok Bar and slots.   Had a lot of fun here with everyone because it was so much smaller you got to know everyone in a short while.    Best pizza in town and with it a beer from Texas.  So with the slots I played actually came out slightly ahead.   

Nights here have been in the upper 40’s and day in the upper 60’s.    Nice and warm in the Honda E but cold starts in the morning.

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